Monday, February 13, 2012

Detroit Red Wings Gear

Get out of the house and get yourself fitted with the great Detroit Red Wings gear. This Red Wings team is having a superb season. They have an awesome home winning streak that can devastate any team coming to our place. You better wear a face mask to prevent anyone seeing this enormous butt whoppin you will get coming to the hockey town that everyone knows. Motown baby, that's where hockey is played. So when you show up at one of our games make sure your fitted in the proper attire which is Detroit Red Wings gear.

Everyone every where in the country should be decorating their children's rooms in the famous Detroit Red Wings gear to bring it up a notch. Man, how many Stanley Cups do we have? Is it eleven. Hard to count that high with only 10 fingers hanging. This team is amazing and are on a run for another big post series event. All the Lions fans have already switched over into their new colors this season and we are getting people from all over the country asking about the great team of the Red Wings.

Come on up to the Joe Louis arena and get down into some excellent Detroit Red Wings gear. Do a little fishing while your here and enjoy the many restaurants around the area. Motown has a lot to offer and you might even end up doing a little snow machining. Really want to get wild stop up in Trenary,  Michigan and get into the classic OutHouse Races that are held on the last Saturday of February. You may get a royal flush. Lots of packer fans in that country so make sure your fitted with your Detroit Red Wings gear.

These are good times for our hockey fans and we have a team that we can be extremely proud of. It's getting a little colder so dress warm and be ready for some action on the ice. This is turning out to be one heck of a season. Your probably wondering if we got Detroit Red Wings gear for your icy man cave. That my good friend is no problem. If you cannot find something leave me a message and we will try to locate it for you. We also have an Amazon search box that you should be able to find pretty much anything. Well lets all hope the Red Wings continue on this winning pace and bring home the Stanley.

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Detroit Tigers Gear

Justin Verlander
Get your Detroit Tigers gear ready because spring training is just around the corner. The teams first full workout will be on February 24, 2012. The Manager Jim Leyland has not set his roster in full swing as he will decide that later in the training. Looks like we will have some heavy hitters like Prince Fielder who should be stepping up this year. Plus if everything goes well a shot at the playoffs. This could be an exciting year for all the fans out there that follow this great team.

I will always remember that outstanding 1968 team that had a lasting effect on many fans for many years.  It has been reported that Cabrera has already been slimming down a bit and working hard at getting in better shape. Looks like he might need some new Detroit Tigers gear that could fit him. The only thing we see that will stop the Tigers from getting into those playoffs is pitching. Do we have enough batting power to overcome this? We sure hope so. Then if those pitchers can hang in until October we just might get into the World Series as long as the heavy batting continues.

So anyone heading down to Florida and catch a couple of work outs down that way? If you decide to go do not forget your Detroit Tigers gear. We all hope for our great pitcher Verlander has another fantastic year. It seems every time this guy goes to the mound it could be a no hitter. He has got to be the best pitcher in baseball. all he needs is a little help from the rest of the pitching staff.

Prince Fielder
It will be nice when spring training is over and our team comes back home for another great season run at the playoffs. Course we are hoping for a run at the World Series. We are starting to see more and more people wearing the Detroit Tigers gear now that the Lions have finished their great season. It's really nice just passing by little ballparks all across the area and our small children playing the great game of baseball. Take a kid to the game this year. Make sure you got them fitted with some great Detroit Tiger gear, grab a couple of dogs, and a soda and watch the smiles come alive.

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Detroit Pistons Gear

Time to get Detroit Pistons gear in your sights. Yes we know they have a team that is struggling a little this year. But you can also remember when they had some dynamite teams that took it all. As a Detroit sports fan you got to handle the good with the bad. The Pistons during this month seems to be pulling out a few wins. So we got your backs. Keep trying to improve and give it all you got. For those of you who do not know it the pistons have requested an alternate uniform for the 2013 - 2014 season. They have got got approval on this matter as we know.

Greg Monroe is leading in a lot of categories like rebounds, steals, and leads in scoring for the Detroit Pistons. It is nice to see Ben Wallace back in a defensive roll. The guards have had some injury that has left them without a lot of great ball handling and less pressure defensively. This team may not have the time or talent to make any big upswings in the winning column. It would be nice to see them with a high draft choice to fill some areas of concern. None the less you still got to feel proud wearing your Detroit Pistons Gear.

The Palace of Auburn Hills is still an outstanding place to watch some great basketball as long as you have your Detroit Pistons gear on and you might remember the malice at the Palace during the 2004 season when they went head on with the Pacers.  The arena was built for about 75 million dollars with private funds we might add. It is one of the largest basketball arenas in the nation. What we really like is that it is one of the few places that had naming rights sold. The Detroit Pistons have won 3 NBA Championships at the Palace. they have 193 luxury seats and that alone is probably why they have not pursued another location even though the facilities are getting a little old.

Detroit sports gear can be always be seen by many individuals you see shopping, dining out, or just out for a movie. The fans love their sports teams and always wear their Detroit Pistons gear to let the world know that Motown will always survive. We are a time tested city that has had major unemployment issues along with housing issues. But when it comes to our sports we all step up and back up our favorite teams we like. So get on in and get you some Detroit Pistons gear.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Detroit Sports Stuff

Barry Sanders SI Framed Photo
Detroit sports stuff is all around you here at the Detroit sports gear blog. We get you access to all your favorite teams gear. You have the ability to shop for Detroit Tigers stuff, Detroit Pistons stuff, Detroit Red Wings stuff and even Detroit Lions stuff. You may need items for your man cave. Maybe your decorating a child's room. What ever you are trying to accomplish we have a wide selection of different items from different teams that you can use or display. The Amazon search box is available if you cannot find what you are looking for. It is on the right side at the top of the site right under the sports memorabilia banner.

Motown is a great sports city that has captured the hearts of their fans. All four teams are doing what it takes to bring a solid organization together. When we sit back in our favorite chairs or head on over to one of your favorite Detroit man caves we always have our eye on Detroit sports stuff that will bring back great memories or things that shows that we are dedicated fans. We really enjoy our sports and encourage socializing during these awesome events. It seems everyone is always on the prowl to find Detroit sports stuff that would accommodate their surroundings.

Maybe your looking for sports memorabilia that are Detroit sports collectables. You have access to that information. You never know sometimes what your looking for until you run across it. Some Detroit sports stuff will catch that eye and you may not be able to resist.You may be on the look out for gifts for neighbors, friend, or even family. Pass on the word about our site because we are just a fan like you and operate an online business for a living. So if you got questions or need something we can try and find it for you. Leave us a message so we can serve you. We are always looking for new merchandise that you can enjoy and will be affordable. Thanks for stopping in here at Detroit Sports Gear and enjoy your Detroit sports stuff.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Detroit Lions Gear

Autographed and for special occassions
WoW! Did we have a great season this last year?  Detroit Lions gear now has become one of the most sought after items on the market. We got some of the most exciting players in the NFL that can do some damage in a heartbeat. We have an offense that is electrifying. The quarterback Matthew Stafford has made his mark in the NFL and is one of the most dangerous passers in the league. His teammate and world famous receiver Calvin Johnson has got to be the number one receiver of choice. We even got the complete bed in a bag sets.

We do not care what Chris Carter had to say because he has been eating those words throughout this fine season. They don't call him Megetron for nothing. This world class athlete can leap into the sky and pull down a pass that no one else would dare. Who can cover the Megetron? No one. He is also a first class act that many young men look up too. This team of Matt and Calvin will more than likely set many records in the years to come. Injuries are the only thing stopping our running game. Give the line some credit. Detroit Lions gear is booming with this combination. You may need to go to Detroit Lions Merchandise to find your favorite jersey. We do have all the other Detroit Lions gear and stuff that will make your day.

Detroit Lions gear would not be complete without our famous Ndamukong Suh our great and super defensive star that has been twisted into being a villain for the sportswriters of America. This guy is playing under double team coverage on almost every single play. He has caused quit a stir in the NFL and yet many are seeking his jersey because they realize this fine gentlemen can play some awesome football. I would not want him on any other team. Lets not leave out the other fine defensive players like Cliff Avril who we hope gets a new contract to continue his dominance. The front office will need to get Stephen Tolloch back so they have someone that can anchor that defense. Everyone one did a fine job this year especially with all the injuries and people that had to fill in. So get in and get your Detroit Lions gear to promote our team that we have waited for so many years. 

University of Michigan Gear

We got a lot of Wolverine fans all across the nation. University of Michigan gear is going to be your favorite spot to find what your looking for. Detroit sports gear has everything from your famous Michigan doormat to your University of Michigan grill cover you will want to check out all the items we strive to keep our fans happy. What a great college with an outstanding following of dedicated fans that enjoy showing off their gear. Get the children's room decorated with the latest and famous University of Michigan gear. Maybe you just want to check the time with a great wolverine watch. Maybe your on the hunt for a super gift that anyone would be proud of wearing.

Some homes have a divided household with another great school located right down the road. Those Spartan fans are always at your side and you can keep the peace with a double door mat that displays both schools logo. We have players all across the nation that have attended this fine university and are always on the look out for their University of Michigan gear. Look no further and stop on in and find the gear you need for yourself or a converted fan that you somehow talked into.

Here is a grill cover that makes a statement
University of Michigan gear is always in high demand. Next time your strolling around town see how many people that are proudly wearing their wolverine outfit. You see them at the grocery store, bank, and any other place you just happen to be dropping in at. Kids on a playground are famous for wearing those blue and maize colors that they like to display. Walk into children's rooms and you will be amazed at the Michigan fan that you weren't even aware of. People just like to be fitted in their favorite gear and they are clean in doing so. So browse around and see if you can find your gear that you always wanted.
Click on the tab Michigan Wolverines and enter into the house of some of the biggest fans in this great nation.