Thursday, February 2, 2012

Detroit Lions Gear

Autographed and for special occassions
WoW! Did we have a great season this last year?  Detroit Lions gear now has become one of the most sought after items on the market. We got some of the most exciting players in the NFL that can do some damage in a heartbeat. We have an offense that is electrifying. The quarterback Matthew Stafford has made his mark in the NFL and is one of the most dangerous passers in the league. His teammate and world famous receiver Calvin Johnson has got to be the number one receiver of choice. We even got the complete bed in a bag sets.

We do not care what Chris Carter had to say because he has been eating those words throughout this fine season. They don't call him Megetron for nothing. This world class athlete can leap into the sky and pull down a pass that no one else would dare. Who can cover the Megetron? No one. He is also a first class act that many young men look up too. This team of Matt and Calvin will more than likely set many records in the years to come. Injuries are the only thing stopping our running game. Give the line some credit. Detroit Lions gear is booming with this combination. You may need to go to Detroit Lions Merchandise to find your favorite jersey. We do have all the other Detroit Lions gear and stuff that will make your day.

Detroit Lions gear would not be complete without our famous Ndamukong Suh our great and super defensive star that has been twisted into being a villain for the sportswriters of America. This guy is playing under double team coverage on almost every single play. He has caused quit a stir in the NFL and yet many are seeking his jersey because they realize this fine gentlemen can play some awesome football. I would not want him on any other team. Lets not leave out the other fine defensive players like Cliff Avril who we hope gets a new contract to continue his dominance. The front office will need to get Stephen Tolloch back so they have someone that can anchor that defense. Everyone one did a fine job this year especially with all the injuries and people that had to fill in. So get in and get your Detroit Lions gear to promote our team that we have waited for so many years. 

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