Monday, February 13, 2012

Detroit Pistons Gear

Time to get Detroit Pistons gear in your sights. Yes we know they have a team that is struggling a little this year. But you can also remember when they had some dynamite teams that took it all. As a Detroit sports fan you got to handle the good with the bad. The Pistons during this month seems to be pulling out a few wins. So we got your backs. Keep trying to improve and give it all you got. For those of you who do not know it the pistons have requested an alternate uniform for the 2013 - 2014 season. They have got got approval on this matter as we know.

Greg Monroe is leading in a lot of categories like rebounds, steals, and leads in scoring for the Detroit Pistons. It is nice to see Ben Wallace back in a defensive roll. The guards have had some injury that has left them without a lot of great ball handling and less pressure defensively. This team may not have the time or talent to make any big upswings in the winning column. It would be nice to see them with a high draft choice to fill some areas of concern. None the less you still got to feel proud wearing your Detroit Pistons Gear.

The Palace of Auburn Hills is still an outstanding place to watch some great basketball as long as you have your Detroit Pistons gear on and you might remember the malice at the Palace during the 2004 season when they went head on with the Pacers.  The arena was built for about 75 million dollars with private funds we might add. It is one of the largest basketball arenas in the nation. What we really like is that it is one of the few places that had naming rights sold. The Detroit Pistons have won 3 NBA Championships at the Palace. they have 193 luxury seats and that alone is probably why they have not pursued another location even though the facilities are getting a little old.

Detroit sports gear can be always be seen by many individuals you see shopping, dining out, or just out for a movie. The fans love their sports teams and always wear their Detroit Pistons gear to let the world know that Motown will always survive. We are a time tested city that has had major unemployment issues along with housing issues. But when it comes to our sports we all step up and back up our favorite teams we like. So get on in and get you some Detroit Pistons gear.

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