Monday, February 13, 2012

Detroit Red Wings Gear

Get out of the house and get yourself fitted with the great Detroit Red Wings gear. This Red Wings team is having a superb season. They have an awesome home winning streak that can devastate any team coming to our place. You better wear a face mask to prevent anyone seeing this enormous butt whoppin you will get coming to the hockey town that everyone knows. Motown baby, that's where hockey is played. So when you show up at one of our games make sure your fitted in the proper attire which is Detroit Red Wings gear.

Everyone every where in the country should be decorating their children's rooms in the famous Detroit Red Wings gear to bring it up a notch. Man, how many Stanley Cups do we have? Is it eleven. Hard to count that high with only 10 fingers hanging. This team is amazing and are on a run for another big post series event. All the Lions fans have already switched over into their new colors this season and we are getting people from all over the country asking about the great team of the Red Wings.

Come on up to the Joe Louis arena and get down into some excellent Detroit Red Wings gear. Do a little fishing while your here and enjoy the many restaurants around the area. Motown has a lot to offer and you might even end up doing a little snow machining. Really want to get wild stop up in Trenary,  Michigan and get into the classic OutHouse Races that are held on the last Saturday of February. You may get a royal flush. Lots of packer fans in that country so make sure your fitted with your Detroit Red Wings gear.

These are good times for our hockey fans and we have a team that we can be extremely proud of. It's getting a little colder so dress warm and be ready for some action on the ice. This is turning out to be one heck of a season. Your probably wondering if we got Detroit Red Wings gear for your icy man cave. That my good friend is no problem. If you cannot find something leave me a message and we will try to locate it for you. We also have an Amazon search box that you should be able to find pretty much anything. Well lets all hope the Red Wings continue on this winning pace and bring home the Stanley.

We want to thank you for stopping in and give us a hand and pass on the word about the Detroit Sports Gear site that has all your Detroit Sports Stuff.

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