Monday, February 13, 2012

Detroit Tigers Gear

Justin Verlander
Get your Detroit Tigers gear ready because spring training is just around the corner. The teams first full workout will be on February 24, 2012. The Manager Jim Leyland has not set his roster in full swing as he will decide that later in the training. Looks like we will have some heavy hitters like Prince Fielder who should be stepping up this year. Plus if everything goes well a shot at the playoffs. This could be an exciting year for all the fans out there that follow this great team.

I will always remember that outstanding 1968 team that had a lasting effect on many fans for many years.  It has been reported that Cabrera has already been slimming down a bit and working hard at getting in better shape. Looks like he might need some new Detroit Tigers gear that could fit him. The only thing we see that will stop the Tigers from getting into those playoffs is pitching. Do we have enough batting power to overcome this? We sure hope so. Then if those pitchers can hang in until October we just might get into the World Series as long as the heavy batting continues.

So anyone heading down to Florida and catch a couple of work outs down that way? If you decide to go do not forget your Detroit Tigers gear. We all hope for our great pitcher Verlander has another fantastic year. It seems every time this guy goes to the mound it could be a no hitter. He has got to be the best pitcher in baseball. all he needs is a little help from the rest of the pitching staff.

Prince Fielder
It will be nice when spring training is over and our team comes back home for another great season run at the playoffs. Course we are hoping for a run at the World Series. We are starting to see more and more people wearing the Detroit Tigers gear now that the Lions have finished their great season. It's really nice just passing by little ballparks all across the area and our small children playing the great game of baseball. Take a kid to the game this year. Make sure you got them fitted with some great Detroit Tiger gear, grab a couple of dogs, and a soda and watch the smiles come alive.

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