Thursday, February 2, 2012

Detroit Man Cave - Gear for your Man Cave

When it comes to getting that Detroit man cave together you differentially want to display your favorite teams photos, jerseys, flags, and just some great Detroit Sports gear stuff that you like. You may want to start off with the floor that sends an immediate statement when your cave dwellers first crawl in. You could be sitting up your bar and need those lions bars stools. You may even need your favorite team on a pool table cover. Check us out we got all kinds of gear for your Detroit Man Cave. We are just getting this set up as your number one stop for all your Detroit man cave gear needs.

Everyone that has a Detroit Man Cave develops their own theme. I've seen The Detroit Lions vs the packers themes, Detroit Piston themes, Detroit Tiger themes, and a course the Detroit Red Wings with a home made Stanley Cup drinking class. Some of you get pretty creative with some of the gear you display while others just go for the basics. It really doesn't matter. It is your place and you are the king of your Detroit Man Cave. You can start out small and keep getting the gear for your man cave as you go along. Depending on your budget and your creativity you can make something feel comfortable and have a great theme at the same time. Don't forget to give your man cave a name.

You want a little exposure of your Detroit Man Cave send me a photo with a little info and we will see if we can get it on the net. That will give you that little extra bragging rights with all your fellow cave dwellers. We usually rotate to each others cave and a course each is different. Everyone likes to show off there new latest and greatest item that they have acquire. From Lions shot glasses to Lions tile we got some pretty nice items that you may want to use. Cannot find the gear what you need here. We got a couple of connections that you may enjoy check out the famous Detroit Sports Merchandise they may have what you are looking for. Thanks for stopping in and leave a comment and send us those Detroit Man Cave pics we would love to share with all the other Detroit man cave fans out their.

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